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Engineering, it’s an amazing field to work in.

Every day, engineers come up with new ideas that, in some way, go on to improve the world!

Having honed my development skills on the front line at National Instruments, I wanted to do even more to help engineers bring their ground-breaking ideas and designs to reality…

And so I developed Wiresmith Tech.

James McNally, Founder

I am an experienced LabVIEW developer and between my time at National Instruments and Wiresmith Technology, I’ve racked up nearly a decade’s worth of experience. I am a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer and LabVIEW Champion.

At National Instruments, I was heavily involved in on-site consulting, and quickly became the internal and external ‘go-to’ technical resource for embedded LabVIEW technologies, culminating in teaching advanced courses such as High Throughput FPGA.

When customer-facing, I found that users wanted a more hands-on approach to adopting these technologies. Whilst tools like LabVIEW have great set-up support and enhance the success of navigating a software-based project, the learning curve from zero to deploying a robust, embedded application can be both steep and challenging.

A considerable wealth of insight and knowledge is still required to get the best outcome: Get it right and you produce a solution that is robust and powerful. Fall short, and you can end up with a ‘solution’ that is unreliable, difficult to adapt or costly to implement.


About Wiresmith Technology

That’s why I founded Wiresmith Tech: to reduce the risk and time associated with adopting new technology, and make sure that it’s right; and, in turn, enable engineers to complete truly remarkable projects with all the benefits of a graphical system design.

If you’ve invested in and adopt National Instruments technologies, we ensure that you’ll achieve quality measurement and control solutions faster and more efficiently than if you were to attempt to do it yourself.

We’re experts in modern hardware and software engineering approaches and technologies, and actively keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry.

So, in providing you with consultancy, training and/or software, we’ll support you on your learning curve, and quickly help you to bridge the knowledge gap – leaving you in a far better place to go on to develop those life-changing systems.


"Communication was a concern when we hired a consultant on our FPGA project however Wiresmith Technology were extremely responsive and supportive. They quickly and fully understood our needs and were flexible when problems arose, finding ways or solutions to get the job done.

The deliverable were completed on time which allowed us to demonstrate our technology concept. Even after this James provided technical support until we were happy with the system. We would absolutely recommend them as a reliable, flexible and friendly partner."

Dr. Xin Li, Chemistry Group Leader, Sphere Fluidics


Why We’re Good At What We Do

Our Expertise

We’re certified LabVIEW Architects, the highest level of certification available to LabVIEW developers.

We also house one of the most experienced real-time and FPGA programmers in the UK – James was one of the first people in the UK to achieve the status of Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer, subsequently worked on FPGA at the highest level, and was responsible for delivering the most advanced FPGA course that National Instruments offers.

Our links and relationship with National Instruments – and knowledge of its technologies as an Applications Engineering Specialist there – is second to none. We’ve experienced and resolved some of the toughest software problems and because we’ve retained an excellent working relationship with NI, are in a privileged position when it comes to consulting on specifying or debugging a system.

We’re regarded as an industry expert, and are regularly sought to present at NI events on LabVIEW (e.g. on how its boundaries can be pushed even further, its interfacing with new technologies, and the applications of new software engineering practices).



Our Dependability

The need to bring in external consultants can be intimidating, and may often happen when you least have the time and resources. We’re sensitive to this and completely understand that we’re there to reduce your risk and stress, not increase it!

We’re transparent in the way we work and see ourselves as a temporary part of your team, respectful of your IP and procedures. There’s no need to worry about copyright law or confidential work that you may have in the pipeline. At the outset, we sign over all the source code to you, for you to use as you please.

If resources are proving challenging, and you need a particular pricing model, we’ll find something that works. For us, business is about long-term collaboration, and finding a solution that suits everyone.


Our Versatility

Our goal is simple: to do whatever is needed to help you be successful.

We don’t have a set list of tasks that you have to match to your needs. Instead, we’ll take our lead from you – adapting to your priorities and your structure in whatever format most delivers value to you.

We believe in an agile approach that is responsive to changing requirements as the project progresses. That way, you end up with the best return on investment when the project is completed.


Our Technological Diversity

We’re not just LabVIEW developers.

We’re always open to new developments, and believe in embracing and integrating technologies that are complementary to the core National Instruments ones.

We can use other NI tools such as DIAdem or Veristand to build you a simpler system, or non-NI technologies such as Javascript and Node.js (for web interfaces for querying or inspecting data). 


Our Experience

This won’t be our first project…

“Initially, I wasn’t sure if Wiresmith would be able to combine the many disciplines required to deliver our complex integrated system, but after a short time of working with James on our project, the breadth and depth of multi-disciplinary skill that Wiresmith brought to it became apparent.

We were also pleased that additional expertise could be brought in as required. James was very professional in handling our requirements and was always on hand when we needed him.

An agile method of developing software was adopted. This suited our needs as we were defining our specification as we explored options for building our system. It enabled us to work quickly and to improve our system incrementally.

We would recommend Wiresmith Technology’s services as they have delivered what we required to a high quality of workmanship.”

Peter Haigh, National Grid UK






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