Wiresmith Technology is a software consultancy based in Newbury, UK. Founded in 2014, we focus exclusively on measurement based software for the engineering sector.

Technology is progressing around us at an exponential rate. The classic example is Moore's law, where the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles every 2 years, but this is not unique. All aspects of technology development are driven by increasing complexity; by feedback loops that continuously accelerate the rate of change.

 This complexity explosion places high expectations on us as engineers. The exponential growth puts engineering in place to solve many of the grandest challenges of our times, such as how to support an ageing population or climate change. However, the pace of change means fast changing requirements, shorter development cycles and high expectations of quality. These are all in conflict and make it hard to meet all of your customer's expectations. How do you keep up without putting your customers, products or companies at risk due to bad investments or low-quality products?

 In this context, it's hardly surprising that engineers need to develop an environment where you can make well-informed engineering decisions quickly. This environment involves understanding your options well and reducing uncertainty and risk.

 Without this environment, you may end up having to guess or go with your gut on significant decisions without the right information at the right time. This can lead to poor outcomes or risks that emerge late in the project costing time, money and reputation.

 We help you to build this decision-making environment with high quality, custom measurement systems to demonstrate and validate new technology.

NI Alliance Partners
With our pedigree with their technologies, we quickly became NI Alliance Partners, specialising in their data acquisition and FPGA based technology.

Our Team
James is our only permanent member of staff but we are willing and able to work with subcontractors and other professionals in larger teams where it will benefit the project to do so.

Our Approach

Our approach is to reduce uncertainty by developing systems using simple, system aware approaches and (wherever possible) off the shelf hardware to produce high-fidelity and high-quality solutions. When something fails, you need to trust it is the design you are testing and not the measurement system.

With this approach in place, you reduce your (and your customer's) uncertainty by:

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    Producing reliable measurement data to make well-informed engineering decision. Reliable data allows you to make great design decisions, which leads to better performance, cost-optimised designs and fewer returned units.
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    Evaluating technical risk early in the process by rapidly testing concepts and technologies. This avoids you investing large amounts of time and money into technical dead-ends.
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    Working iteratively and involving your customers earlier in the process. By demonstrating improvements early and often, you can gather valuable feedback to reduce uncertainty about what customers care about and what their reaction will be when you launch the product.

Who We Work With

We work with engineering companies of all sizes in the UK. Our past clients include:

  • National Grid (Power Quality Monitoring) - Case Study
  • Lontra (Test Cell Data Acquisition) - Case Study
  • Sphere Fluidics (Prototype Development)
  • Nissan Technical Centre Europe (Testing)

We are best suited to applications where dynamic systems are involved so the automotive, mechanical and research sectors tend to benefit the most from our services.

See all of our testimonials and case studies on our customers page.

We Have Even Won Awards

About James

Certified LabVIEW Architect
LabVIEW Champion
Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer

I love helping innovators improve our world with new inventions and technologies. I like to think of myself as the perfect foil to a mad genius. Ever since I was a kid I've been interested in systems and what they can do for us (I used to use excel spreadsheets to track the points tally for my dinky car races)

I'm now an expert in delivering software-based measurement systems to engineers and scientists developing new ideas and products. I'm fascinated by how computing has a part to play in the real world - providing accurate, reliable data on how or if a system works so that you can make decisions about the directions of a project.

I have an MEng in Systems Engineering from Loughborough University. Programming seemed boring and isolated until I started LabVIEW in my 2nd year. In this class we wrote software that blinked a light. Suddenly I was sold - we can impact the real world through software!

I joined National Instruments (who created LabVIEW) and spent 5 years in the technical support department. As I progressed I got to work in more depth with customers but I still saw great ideas struggling to come to life because, with the best will in the world, the customer developing the application was either inexperienced or uninterested in the systems and structure around programming that are needed to be successful.

That's when I started Wiresmith Technology. Here I wanted to take the next step and offer greater support for those with great ideas that need help bringing them to life. Now I work to remove the stress and effort for engineers wanting to develop systems in the real world by providing full design and development services to help make their projects successful.

I always aim to keep learning and developing my skills. I primarily develop in LabVIEW (I'm a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Embedded Developer and LabVIEW Champion) but I'm also competent with C, Javascript and whatever I need to learn to solve the problems in front of me.

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