Create An Environment For Better Engineering Decisions

We help R&D engineers to get better products to market faster with custom measurement solutions for design validation and instrumentation prototyping.


Does Your New Product Work?

Engineers and Scientists are continuously creating new concepts or improving old ones.

How do you sort the good from the bad?

How long does that take?

How do you prove that it works?

We get frustrated when good ideas go to waste.

So we help you realise your new product effectively and rapidly with software-based measurement systems for prototyping and design validation.

Does Your New Idea Work?

Engineers and Scientists are continuously creating new concepts or improving old ones.

How do you sort the good from the bad?

How long does that take?

How do you prove that it works?

We get frustrated when good ideas go to waste.

So we help you realise your idea effectively and rapidly with software-based measurement systems for prototyping and V&V.

We Can Help You...

Prove Your Concept

How will you take your idea from concept to reality? We can help develop prototypes of new products that leverage measurement systems to provide your customers with the information they need.

Test Your Designs

Inspecting Data

Are your design iterations actually improving your product? Do you need to prove the performance to customers before they are willing to invest in it?

What We Do For You

We use a solution-focused rapid development approach to provide you with custom software and system designs that are effective and reliable.

Solution-Focused: You don't want to drown in documentation, or have to debate the details of a contract to request a change to a button. We quote projects based on the high-level features you require and work out the details as they become clearer. This approach gives us the agility needed in an R&D environment.

Rapid: We design our approach to go as fast as we safely can. We use National Instruments LabVIEW as our primary platform which provides a rapid development environment and can connect to most things, reducing the complexity of the solution. We also leverage National Instruments hardware to avoid custom hardware design (and the associated delays) and build on devices we know and trust.

Development: You don't need to stress about the ins and outs of software engineering concepts like version control, agile workflows or TCP stacks. Our process is proven, reliable and designed to keep you focused on problems within your own expertise.

Sound Interesting? Let's Talk

No Obligation, Just Curiosity

Powered By LabVIEW

We are experts in LabVIEW and related system such as LabVIEW FPGA, DIAdem and others. If this is more your interest then visit our dedicated page.

Who Are We?

Wiresmith Technology is a UK-based software development consultancy that specialises in developing custom measurement systems on off-the-shelf measurement hardware.

We want to help you improve our world by bringing new innovations and efficiency improvements to market. We have done this in diverse engineering fields including mechanical engineering, automotive, energy and scientific instrumentation.

We are a National Instruments Alliance Partner meaning National Instruments have recognised us for our knowledge of their technologies and our ability to deliver projects based on them.

Founded by James McNally, he is an expert in applying National Instruments technologies to these problems. He is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer and a LabVIEW Champion.

Find out more...

NI Alliance Partner
Certified LabVIEW Architect
LabVIEW Champion
Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer
Carl Godden Senior Development Engineer, Lontra
Peter Haigh Power Systems Engineer, National Grid
Stuart Ellison Founder, Exnics Ltd
Allen Lee Test Engineer, Nissan Technical Centre Europe
Dr. Xin Li Chemistry Group Lead, Sphere Fluidics

Wiresmith Technology provided an easy working relationship with good feedback on ideas and prompt turnaround times on development. They tracked the work backlog effectively allowing the correct items to be prioritised without losing sight of additional ideas and features.

The complete hardware and software packages offered by NI in conjunction with Wiresmith Technology has increased test efficiency and accuracy. It has also given Lontra the ability to further develop and optimise data analysis simulation techniques for future product design.

Read The Case Study...

National Grid Power Quality Monitoring

Initially, I wasn’t sure if Wiresmith would be able to combine the many disciplines required to deliver our complex integrated system, but after a short time of working with James on our project, the breadth and depth of multi-disciplinary skill that Wiresmith brought to it became apparent. We were also pleased that additional expertise could be brought in as required.

James was very professional in handling our requirements and was always on hand when we needed him. An agile method of developing software was adopted. This suited our needs as we were defining our specification as we explored options for building our system. It enabled us to work quickly and to improve our system incrementally. We would recommend Wiresmith Technology’s services as they have delivered what we required to a high quality of workmanship

We deliberately looked for a small but technically very strong company who we knew would be able to work flexibly with us.

The close and personal relationship was important as it allowed us the agility that a larger company would never have been able to match. Also we loved the can-do attitude. Within 30 seconds of the first call, we knew Wiresmith were exactly what we needed

We needed to bring our durability test equipment up to date but were concerned about meeting all of the existing and new requirements.

Wiresmith Technology was able to produce a new application with a user interface that is easy to use which means our operators are quicker to set up the tests. James was friendly and willing to discuss all of the options with us to find the best way forward. We would happily recommend them for future work.

Communication was a concern when we hired a consultant on our FPGA project however Wiresmith Technology were extremely responsive and supportive. They quickly and fully understood our needs and were flexible when problems arose, finding ways or solutions to get the job done. The deliverable were completed on time which allowed us to demonstrate our technology concept. Even after this James provided technical support until we were happy with the system. We would absolutely recommend them as a reliable, flexible and friendly partner.

Read The Case Study...

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