Test Your Designs

Inspecting Data

Are your design iterations actually improving your product? Do you need to prove the performance to customers before they are willing to invest in it?

Custom measurement software allows you to understand the performance of your design quickly and effectively while automation reduces the iteration time on designs enabling you to develop your products faster and beat your competition.

However, you also need to trust the data that is produced. What if there is a bug in the software? What if we use the wrong measurement hardware?

Our solution-focused rapid development approach means we can get you a test software solution quickly based on National Instruments best-in-class measurement hardware. Our expertise means you will get a solution that you can trust.

What I Do For You

I reduce uncertainty and meet pressing or unusual measurement needs for development and design engineering. 

My approach is to use ​custom software and off-the-shelf hardware to build measurement systems that are trustworthy, productive and flexible.

​Trustworthy: ​I work with off the shelf hardware, which is already vetted and tested by the manufacturer​, combined with software developed with care and attention to the best software engineering practices available to ensure once the project is finished, you can rely on it.

​Productive: I ​believe that software is a means to an end. I spend time understanding your problems and create something dedicated to them - not shoe-horning other technologies to what you need. I'm also a big fan of simplicity - removing unnecessary complexities and making it hard to do the wrong thing to minimise operator errors.

Flexible: I want to deliver engineering progress, not software. By putting the intelligence in the software and working with off the shelf hardware I can adapt to your needs over time and react to project issues as they arise (and my small size allows me to be reactive without lots of paperwork!). I will work closely with you to own the problems and find fixes.

Sound Interesting? Let's Talk

No Obligation, Just Curiosity

Successful Customers

Carl Godden Senior Development Engineer, Lontra

Wiresmith Technology provided an easy working relationship with good feedback on ideas and prompt turnaround times on development. They tracked the work backlog effectively allowing the correct items to be prioritised without losing sight of additional ideas and features.

The complete hardware and software packages offered by NI in conjunction with Wiresmith Technology has increased test efficiency and accuracy. It has also given Lontra the ability to further develop and optimise data analysis simulation techniques for future product design.

Read The Case Study...

Allen Lee Test Engineer, Nissan Technical Centre Europe

We needed to bring our durability test equipment up to date but were concerned about meeting all of the existing and new requirements.

Wiresmith Technology was able to produce a new application with a user interface that is easy to use which means our operators are quicker to set up the tests. James was friendly and willing to discuss all of the options with us to find the best way forward. We would happily recommend them for future work.

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