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If you produce systems or products that measure things, you know that the software needs to be accurate and reliable – it’s central to everything else working. I design and create flexible, reliable bespoke software to accurately measure, test and prove your concept or product.

I'm an at applying National Instruments technology to these problems. With a strong background in NI technologies as well as strong links with NI's UK office I can minimise your project time and risk.

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NI Partner

NI Technology

I work with NI technology everyday. It's fair to say we know it very well.

I focus primarily on the embedded and data acquistion side of the NI portfolio with our key technologies including LabVIEW, DAQ Systems, CompactRIO, Real-Time, FPGA, DIAdem and Veristand.

Read-on for details of how we work with each of these.


LabVIEW Champion

LabVIEW Champion

I discovered LabVIEW in 2006 while studying at Loughborough University.  He went on to spend nearly 5 years with National Instruments UK in advanced support and teaching roles.

James is a Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) and a Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developer (CLED).  NI has also recognised for his contribution to advancing the LabVIEW community by being named a LabVIEW Champion.

When it comes to LabVIEW, you are in safe hands.

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DAQ Systems

Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems are core to NI’s offerings and also to ours.  With our experience in developing mixed sensor systems, we are experts in getting the most out of NI’s DAQ products including compactDAQ, PXI-based DAQ and SC Express.

While simple DAQ systems are straightforward; we often find customers benefit from our help with device selection, wiring techniques and synchronisation.

Once this is in place, you need to do something with the captured data. We can develop tools in LabVIEW to analyse and store the data to get the engineering and business benefits you need.

Wiresmith Technology provided an easy working relationship with good feedback on ideas and prompt turnaround times on development. They tracked the work backlog effectively allowing the correct items to be prioritised without losing sight of additional ideas and features.


The complete hardware and software packages offered by NI in conjunction with Wiresmith Technology has increased test efficiency and accuracy. It has also given Lontra the ability to further develop and optimise data analysis simulation techniques for future product design.

Carl Godden, Senior Development Engineer,


CompactRIO, Real Time and FPGA Based Systems

They say you shouldn’t have a favourite child, but this is ours! It is remarkable what you can achieve with a high-level language like LabVIEW when you apply it to embedded systems.

I am a CLED and a long time expert in FPGA systems.

While at NI, I was the application specialist for these technologies and regularly helped customers push the boundaries of what they believed they could do, With companies such as Sphere Fluidics using these systems to be on the cutting edge of technology.

CompactRIO is the pairing of Real-Time and FPGA technologies. We have repeatedly built successful systems using this combination, such as with National Grid, deploying 135 compactRIOs across their UK distribution network.

I provide full support by helping with distributed communication synchronisation, system management, reliable software design and anything else that may need attention.

Communication was a concern when we hired a consultant on our FPGA project however Wiresmith Technology were extremely responsive and supportive. They quickly and fully understood our needs and were flexible when problems arose, finding ways or solutions to get the job done.


The deliverable were completed on time which allowed us to demonstrate our technology concept. Even after this James provided technical support until we were happy with the system. We would absolutely recommend them as a reliable, flexible and friendly partner.

Dr. Xin Li, Chemistry Group Leader,

Sphere Fluidics