Measurement Systems

As engineering systems become more advanced and measurement hardware more proficient, there’s a drive to take even more measurements. It offers additional insight, knowledge and understanding of your system, and allows better design revisions and maintenance.

Because measurement requirements are becoming increasingly system-specific, rates and processing requirements for systems that combine a range of channel types are no longer well-captured by turnkey data loggers.

Let us do the work for you

Wiresmith will work with you to develop your own measurement system, calibrated exactly to your needs.

Our engineers have years of experience with LabVIEW and National Instruments DAQ hardware. This means that we’ll translate the complex specifications and technologies into the right set up for you, and can routinely detect issues arising from key elements not having been being fully implemented in earlier programming.

Some of the areas we’ll focus on are:

  • Dynamic performance of the measurement systems (i.e. how fast it can run and what frequencies can be captured).
  • Examining and reducing sources of inaccuracy.
  • Lack of synchronization resulting in misaligned data.
  • Selecting appropriate data storage and visualization technology.

These problems can be particularly troublesome as often they’re difficult to detect, and can result in erroneous decision-making based on inaccurate data. Furthermore, the running of your system and/or data analysis is likely to be hampered.


"Wiresmith Technology provided an easy working relationship with good feedback on ideas and prompt turnaround times on development. They tracked the work backlog effectively allowing the correct items to be prioritised without losing sight of additional ideas and features.

The complete hardware and software packages offered by NI in conjunction with Wiresmith Technology has increased test efficiency and accuracy. It has also given Lontra the ability to further develop and optimise data analysis simulation techniques for future product design."

Carl Godden, Senior Development Engineer, Lontra


There are a number of ways that we can help you to overcome these issues:

  • Review the design of the measurement system, and make recommendations on appropriate hardware selection, or highlight key software requirements to give you an accurate and reliable system.
  • Recommend a software mix that minimises the amount of custom software in the system.
  • Develop custom software solutions where off-the-shelf alternatives are inadequate.


What if you’re not familiar with our domain?

We consider ourselves Systems Engineers.

With a comprehensive background in engineering, we’re yet to encounter a domain for which we’ve not been able to resolve any issues – and moreover, then go on to suggest further improvements.

We’re always mindful of your insight and expertise which is why we constantly liaise with you and perform regular demos and testing to make sure we’re on track.


Won’t you always want to use LabVIEW?

Even though LabVIEW is our most productive environment, it’s only one of our areas of expertise and can’t solve everything.

We’ve also developed expertise in web-based technologies and have working knowledge of other, less mainstream environments. This allows us to bring in additional expertise as required and integrate those solutions with LabVIEW.

In terms of writing custom software, we do that only when the job demands it. Often, we’re able to use our experience of other interfacing technologies to recommend and install an off-the-shelf solution.

Find out how we can help you to complete your unique project faster

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