LabVIEW Consultancy

Have you been told you need LabVIEW to create your new measurement and control solution?

There are many advantages to using LabVIEW. Perhaps you need to work with National Instruments hardware? Or you need some custom measurement software which can interface with different systems?

However, have you managed to start your training yet? Have you even got around to installing LabVIEW?

We often come across engineers who, with the best intentions, find themselves attempting to complete a LabVIEW project but just never find the time.

These delays are because it isn't as simple as sitting at a computer for a few hours. There may be several days of training required first; then you must choose the best structures and try and get your head into the coding while still fighting fires in your usual duties!

Our LabVIEW services can remove these delays and get your system working. Whether you need a full solution completing or just pointers on individual parts of your project, we can help.

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Why Hire A Consultant?

Save Training

LabVIEW development for professional applications requires training and experience, and the skills needed to manage and structure large projects can take years to develop.

Save Time

Experienced developers can work much faster than training someone new. Even without training some estimates claim great developers can be 10x more efficient than novices.

Improve Results

With experience comes lessons-learnt and existing knowledge which can produce applications which are more reliable, easier to use and can improve your engineers efficiency.

Our expertise will reduce your risk

We’ll develop custom software for you that works the way you want, and gives you the most productive solution for your situation.

We pride ourselves on being so much more than competent programmers. We don’t just take a specification and turn it into software – we appreciate the bigger picture, taking into account your aims for the whole project and its associated challenges. Most importantly, we’re able to adapt accordingly to whatever we’re working on.

We will work with you to truly understand:

  • The nature of the problem you need to solve;
  • How to give you the best possible outcome in terms of efficacy and cost.
  • Use our experience to offer new ideas and suggest areas where value can be added.
  • Be flexible to the changing needs, priorities and timescales of the project.
  • Involve you and your colleagues as much or as little as desired, depending on whether you plan to manage the system going forward or are just looking for a turnkey solution.


Why Wiresmith Technology?

Wiresmith Technology is a small consultancy run by James McNally. We focus on three key areas to ensure an excellent service for all customers:

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    Technical Excellence: We don't like to settle for competent.  We invest in training ourselves on the latest and greatest technologies and can pick up new concepts and ideas very quickly. This gets you a more reliable solution in less time.
  • check
    Great Communication: We consistently get great feedback for our communication. We aim to make sure you always know what we have done, what is happening next and why.
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    Systematic and Organised Delivery: Just because we are small doesn't mean we fly by the seat of our pants. We use and improve systems throughout our business to reduce delivery risk and make it easier to support you.
Stuart Ellison Founder, Exnics Ltd
Carl Godden Senior Development Engineer, Lontra
Allen Lee Test Engineer, Nissan Technical Centre Europe
Dr. Xin Li Chemistry Group Lead, Sphere Fluidics

We deliberately looked for a small but technically very strong company who we knew would be able to work flexibly with us.

The close and personal relationship was important as it allowed us the agility that a larger company would never have been able to match. Also we loved the can-do attitude. Within 30 seconds of the first call, we knew Wiresmith were exactly what we needed

Wiresmith Technology provided an easy working relationship with good feedback on ideas and prompt turnaround times on development. They tracked the work backlog effectively allowing the correct items to be prioritised without losing sight of additional ideas and features.

The complete hardware and software packages offered by NI in conjunction with Wiresmith Technology has increased test efficiency and accuracy. It has also given Lontra the ability to further develop and optimise data analysis simulation techniques for future product design.

Read The Case Study...

We needed to bring our durability test equipment up to date but were concerned about meeting all of the existing and new requirements.

Wiresmith Technology was able to produce a new application with a user interface that is easy to use which means our operators are quicker to set up the tests. James was friendly and willing to discuss all of the options with us to find the best way forward. We would happily recommend them for future work.

Communication was a concern when we hired a consultant on our FPGA project however Wiresmith Technology were extremely responsive and supportive. They quickly and fully understood our needs and were flexible when problems arose, finding ways or solutions to get the job done. The deliverable were completed on time which allowed us to demonstrate our technology concept. Even after this James provided technical support until we were happy with the system. We would absolutely recommend them as a reliable, flexible and friendly partner.

Read The Case Study...


But what if I want to extend the system in the future?

We always provide you with full source code to the solution and permissive licences to any Wiresmith Technology components used. This means that you are free to continue the work in-house or with another firm in the future.

Of course, we hope that you would come back to us for additional work once an initial project is complete – as many other customers regularly do. Because we give you the source code, you can be sure that this will be competitively priced.

What if you’re not familiar with our domain?

We consider ourselves Systems Engineers.

With a comprehensive background in engineering, we’re yet to encounter a domain for which we’ve not been able to resolve any issues in the development.

We’re always mindful of your insight and expertise which is why we constantly liaise with you and perform regular demos and testing to make sure we’re on track.

How will I know if you’re any good?!

Requesting external support can be unsettling, particularly when you don’t have expertise in that specific area. We can relate to that as we’ve used external contractors ourselves to support us on languages that we’re less familiar with.

Programming capability is especially hard to capture objectively or through an absolute value, so we would invite you to:

Review our credentials in About Us.
Read our testimonials.
Approach National Instruments and ask them about us. Because of our working relationship with NI, it’s highly likely that your local field engineer will know of us and the quality of our work – and be happy to give you their independent opinion.

Aren't Consultants expensive?

It depends on how satisfied you are with the outcome! The initial figures can appear a little daunting so it’s good to know that there are a number of independent expenses that you don’t have to pay when you engage a Consultant:

Training course costs;
Software licence costs;
Costs for additional employee time whilst attending external training and/or investment in self-taught programming.
Typically, we’ll be able to fast-track you to a more valuable solution, more reliably and quicker than a less experienced developer.

What Next?

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