Dynamic Measurements

By James McNally | Measurements

When working with physical systems, your data acquisition has to adapt to the properties of what you are measuring. Some systems are inherently dynamic which makes data acquisition more complicated. This article will lead you through some of the considerations for these dynamic measurements. What Are Dynamic Measurements? In general dynamic measurements are high-speed measurements. […]

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Advancing the design of the Blade Compressor®

By James McNally | Case Studies

The Challenge: Increasing understanding of the performance of a revolutionary compressor in real world environments to validate the theoretical analysis and advance the design of the Blade Compressor, refining its performance across multiple industry applications. The Solution: Creating multiple test beds capable of measuring many channels at high and low speeds simultaneously through a smaller […]

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By James McNally | Technologies

If you spend any time on National Instruments product pages, you will come across Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) programmed with LabVIEW FPGA. What on earth do these have to do with measurement systems? FPGA’s are an embedded computing platform which provides some unique capabilities: They implement a hardware circuit giving very high-speed processing. We […]

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